Right-click explorer context menu does not open to folder if MP3 already open

Hi all,

I'm not sure about this but I would have thought that if one selects either a file or any given folder via the right-click context menu within Windows Explorer (MP3 already open), that the selected folder/files would then be refreshed within MP3 to display the just clicked ones?

In my case, the previous file listing remains and nothing is updated. If Mp3Tag is not already running the focus is indeed on the selected files. Is there something amiss here or is this normal behavior?


(I have already done a re-installation though I did not clear the previous config files)

I cannot reproduce this behaviour.
If you have opened just one file from a folder and you want to see all the files that are in that folder or accessible from that folder, then you have to navigate to the folder field in the tag panel and press enter.

Thanks for your reply Ohrenkino.

I understand what your pointing out but it does not really address the issue I think that I'm having.

Steps that reproduce the "problem" on my W10x64 machine:

  1. Open and select any music files within MP3Tag (selected files are displayed within)
  2. Using Windows Explorer (not using the Mp3Tag interface), go to some other folder or select some other music files.
  3. Right-click the MP3Tag icon in the context menu and select Mp3Tag
  4. The folder/files are not changed within MP3Tag (as I would think it should). The previous selection remains.

Doing the same steps above with MP3Tag closed, the selected music files are displayed as I would have expected. The distinction is in the first round, Mp3Tag is already open but does not refresh/refocus with the new selection.

This of course may be normal intended behavior but it surprises me. I really would expect to see the newly selected files to appear.

Thanks again

I followed your description and did not get that behaviour.

This is what I did in addition:

I opened MP3tag using the Explorer shell extension with the focus on a folder.
Expected behaviour: MP3tag opens that folder. Check.

I navigate to a file within that very folder using WE, select just a single file in that folder to be opened with MP3tag.
Expected behaviour: only that selected file appears in MP3tag. Check.
In the WE I navigate to the parent folder of the initially opened folder and use the shell extension.
Expected behaviour: MP3tag opens the files in all the subordinate folders. Check.

I think that I could not reproduce the behaviour that you described.

Could it be that you have an active filter that limits the files to just that set of files that you used for testing?

Ok, you seem to be confirming that what is happening on my system is not usual behavior. There are no active filters or anything else as best I can tell. The only thing that I can think of is that perhaps the WE icon or rather the command within the registry may have some how gotten corrupted.

As I have already tried re-installing over the top, I think I'll do a complete un-install (including my preferences/config) and then re-install again. I'll give it a try a update shortly.

Thank again

Updated: I did a thorough un-installation and ran the installation again, the issue is now resolved. Evidently there must have been something corrupted within the registry or my preferences or profile.

Thanks once again Ohrenkino - your help was most appreciated without which I would still be wondering about this annoyance.

Update: Issue returned. I noted that I was also having issues with foobar not registering in the context menu as well. Determined the root cause to be a file manager called WinMerge 2.14.0 which I had recently installed. I removed the application and all my context menu items now operate correctly.