Right click menu lacks Copy / Paste for just 1 tag field

Right now in the right click menu we have a bunch of misnomers: Remove tag, Tag Cut, Tag Copy, Tag Paste. They all suggested handing of one tag while in reality they work on all of the tag fields

What I propose is to rework that menu to this [both in terms of functionality and nomenclature]:

  • Remove Tag
  • Cut Tag
  • Copy Tag
  • Paste Tag
  • Remove Tags
  • Cut Tags
  • Copy Tags
  • Paste Tags

The first four of course should be applied to only that tag field over which the mouse pointer is hovering upon in Columns or in which we have focus in the Tag Panel in a given moment

All of the fields make up the tag - so it's a pretty accurate name.
The ordinary way to copy a single field is to click on it to get into edit mode, press Ctrl-C to copy, then move to any other field (not just the same one) and paste the text.
This function is pretty similar to the functions in Windows Explorer where you can copy a whole file or get into edit mode for a file name and copy only the file name.
I suggest to keep all the names as they are.


A file is tagged with [one] tag [field] and not with [possibly multiple] tags [= tag fields]?

That is the reason beyond my request: to have handy shortcuts for that process in form of options available in a menu

If someone like me sometimes is not using a keyboard, then doing certain operations only by mouse become a burden or simply impossible

Exactly. Most data processing involves keyboard interaction.
Still I think that the function is there even for people without keyboard.
If you click on an entry in the files list then the whole tag is selected. You get the functions that deal with the whole tag.
If you click on a dedicated field and enter edit mode, you get the next context menu which naturally has all the functions to cut, copy, paste (and even revert the writing direction). You only have to look.
So you

See the help on tag fields:


Maybe Noam Chomsky could join the discussion