Right Click question

When I am in a folder of MP3's, I used to be able to select all the files, right click, select MP3Tag, and they would all pop up in the program ready to be edited. The program doesn't seem to work that way anymore.

Is there any way to get the old behavior back? Thanks!

Works for me. Try reinstalling.

If you want all of the audio files in a folder loaded up in Mp3tag, a much simpler method is to select the folder containing them, right-click > Mp3tag.

Yup, I've tried reinstalling several times. Still can't seem to get it back. Anything else I can try?

Assuming you have selected the "Explorer Shell Extension" option as you install ?

Yes, everytime I've reinstalled I've had that checked.


You can try this: Right-click is slow or weird behavior caused by context menu handlers.

Thanks Florian.

I DL'ed, installed, and ran the program ShellExView that site suggests, and strangely MP3Tag doesn't even appear in the list of apps that it generates.

Any thoughts?

Yes Mp3ag won't be there. You must look for other program entries anyway.

I'm sorry, I don't follow what you mean.

The article I've linked to describes how to detect other probably broken shell extensions that might cause the strange behavior. Have you read it?

Thanks for your patience, Florian. I re-read that article about 10 times till it made sense! I went through each of the Context Menu entries in ShellExView, disabling them one at a time. There seems to be a conflict between MP3tag & Magic ISO. I disabled Magic and now MP3tag works as it did before.

Thanks so much!

Glad that you've resolved it.

I admit that the article I've linked to is very technical, but it's also a very technical problem :slight_smile:

I just wanted to say that I had the problem that I could not add files via the context menu by selecting them, but I could add them for editing via the folder. I didn't have to download any of the apps, but I just disabled the context menu in MagicISO and it worked again with the files. For anyone else with a similar problem (and MagicISO) I recommend trying this first: disable its context menu. You don't need to restart or anything.