Right Click Shortcut to Select/Edit a whole folder in Mac

Greeting everyone!!!!!

Looking for help with the Mac version. I use both Windows & Mac depending on which computer I am using. I have noticed that when I am using the a Windows machine, I am able to Right-Click on a folder of any particular CD and a Shortcut to MP3Tag shows. When I click on this, it conveniently opens up MP3Tag with that Directory ready to be edited. I love this feature since it is MUCH more easy to load any given folder like this; rather than having to go through all the extra clicks via the menu manual way of doing this. Especially since I have a music library that consists of literally HUNDREDS of music folders. Now when I am on the Mac version, I do not get this feature and would love to be able to do this!!!!!! I do realize that MP3Tag was started as a Windows based program but now I see that Mac users can make use of such a great program. Is there any way to get this Right Click feature to work on the Mac version? Please advise. I appreciate anyone reading this and helping, thank you.

What about dragging and dropping the folders into MP3tag?