ripping vinyl and found old speakers, need amp!

vinyl amp issue-
I am a little new to the audiophile world and have been learning what I can, most on the software side and a little headphone research prior to the purchase of my Audiotechnica m50x. My dad is rather old, and has an old record player with a phono output and a separate speaker setup. I would love to be able to digitize many of the records he has, as well as the great deals on vinyl I can find at goodwill and other miscellaneous stores. I have a headphone amplifier, a small fiio e6. This can amplify my phono output to line level to record through audacity on my laptop (dell inspiron 17r), but I've only been able to get that setup to work once, and I believe the issue is that the record player is not grounded and there is a voltage spike when I start to play the record. this causes issues with my computer (it will play a fuzzy sound for a little while, or not play any sound after the record player starts, so I am very wary of trying this again). I would like to get a new usb record player to solve all my problems here and limit a lengthy setup, but price is a big issue for me.

yippee! I just found "sony ss cr3000" speakers in my basement, which appear to be intended for a television. the inputs on this are just speaker wire, and they are surround sound (the crumpled up paper that I found with it at the bottom of the box has an illustration with a projection tv). I am excited about these, but they may cause more problems than the benefits they provide. my entertainment system consists of my laptop, so I need some setup that connects them to my laptop. my understanding is that if I could get my music to these speakers through usb rather than my audio jack (only stereo, trrs obviously) I would also be likely to get better sound due to whatever noise my laptop's sound card would introduce. are the speaker wire inputs on these speakers line level, phono, or something else? I didn't notice any external power supply for them, so I would assume at least line level.

my request of you:
my ideal solution here would be a reasonably priced all in one, something that would help me to digitize my vinyl records, amplify for my speakers (surround sound capable preferably), and even amplifiy for my headphones as an added bonus. if you can describe to me what my best option here is, or correct any misunderstandings I have I would be very grateful. my biggest issue is price, I am skimming my way by in college now. my priority here is this: 1. digitize vinyl, 2. amplify for dug up speakers, 3. amplify for my headphones (I already have a headphone amp, so not totally an issue, but if I have a usb interface, I would like something without whatever noise is introduced by my laptop soundcard)

This is a tagging program. Your requests probably fit better at other forums (try Also, google "converting vinyl to digital" and you'll find lots of information on how to convert your albums to digital files. Then to the extent you need to edit the metadata tags of such digital files, mp3tag will be a useful program.

Sorry, i'm German
Hello, i work with "Coll Edit Pro VII"
Vinyl with this Programm on Computer. Metatags found by Discogs or of Label. :w00t:
I have more than 1900 LP-Vinyl digi