Ripping w WMP shows cover art in WMP but not in MP3Tag

I use Windows 10 Media Player to rip my CD`s I can see the cover art in WMP library. But when I go to mp3tag there are no cover art embedded in the .mp3 file. Why? I then have to do manual search on Discogs to find the cover art and add it to all the songs of an album. Where is WMP storing it's info of the album cover art if it's not in the embedded .mp3? Is there a setting I can change which would make WMP save the cover art embedded in the .mp3?

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Either you see the image of the file folder.jpg which you may find as hidden file in the album folder
or you may find an image in the cache:
%localappdata%\Microsoft\Media Player\cache\localmls

Or, if the image is good enough, you may take an image from one of the already named locations.

Got a partial answer, I believe. From

Windows Media Player version 11 and later introduced a new feature that finds and downloads album artwork as Folder.jpg automatically... it then marks these Folder.jpg files as 'system' read-only files, hiding them from Windows Explorer and preventing them from being updated by other applications with saner allowances for different album art resolutions

Ran the attrib command on all my Music folders and I got back to view the Folder.jpg
attrib -s -h Folder.jpg /s

hidden was not enough! the folder.jpg was made a system file (huh?!)

However... is mp3tag not able to read the Folder.jpg and populate the .mp3 with the cover art by embedding it into the .mp3 itself? Is there a setting which would allow for automating this task instead of having to retrieve the cover art from the directory and embed it manually into each .mp3?

What have you tried to let MP3tag do something "automatically"?
Usually, MP3tag "does" anything only at the command of the user. So you would have to trigger some kind of function.
There are many ways to get a cover into files, some with user interaction (tag panel, extended tags dialogue) or using actions,
see the help on the list of actions:
and perhaps in particular:

And perhaps you have to set the Windows Explorer so that it shows hidden files, so that you can select the hidden file folder.jpg to import it as cover.

Yes, done -- see above. though it still implies a lot of manual manipulation. I believe though your other suggestion of creating an action might be applicable. Is there a reference manual on the various variables available to create actions?

I am sure that there are ripping tools that also supply the cover art directly.
Using the file folder.jpg is probably not quite up to standard as WMP saves the files with the dimensions of 200*200 pixel, rather mediocre IMHO.
So using a web source script for covers or more data leads probably to better results.

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