RMB context keyboard shortcut?

Shift + F10 is supposed to work on win OS for most apps.

Has anyone had any success here?



I'll just use my Jedi mind tricks now shall I?

Thx, I never knew about this shortcut.

When I select a song in the Mp3tag panel and press SHFT+F10 I get a shortcut menu, with for example "Play, Save Tag, Remove Tag" so the same shortcut menu when you Right Click on the Song.

Ps: I am using Win 8.1

:angry: It's not working here. Windows 10.

Do you have any file selected?

I wish I was that stupid :rolleyes:

I'm not sure. Maybe another app has it hooked to that shortcut as a global but I never set one for SHIFT+F10.

Figured out how to get the tool popup using AutoHotKey.

THIS post will explain how to install it.

Here's the script.

; Short-cut: CTRL+T
; Quick RMB Tool Context menu
; If you want this to fire up a tool in mp3Tag, then rename
; the tool to have an ampersands in the name to represent the last button pressed.
; e.g. '&Youtube Search' (see {y} below)
#IfWinActive ahk_exe Mp3tag.exe
    Sleep, 500
    SendInput {control down}{shift down}{f10 down}
    SendInput {control up}{shift up}{f10 up}
    send, {t}
; Line below is optional. Here you can fire up the tool using the letter represented by the & in the tool name.
; send, {y}