Rogue tag for ReplayGain

I have noticed that MP3 songs purchased from Amazon all have a rogue tag for ReplayGain. I thought I had found a way to get rid of them, since they only showed in dBpoweramp, and in no other tag editor. I converted hundreds of files from MP3 to FLAC, then back to MP3, and the rogue tag disappeared from dBpoweramp. It does show in MP3Diags, and now I found another tag viewer called Axone that also shows it. Attached are three screen captures, two from Axone and a third from MP3Diags.

Is there some way to use a script for a new column that will show this tag? It is not one of the the normal ReplayGain tags.

Note that in the second Axone screen, there is a checkbox for "Tag alter preserv." and File alter preserv." I assume that these mean that I am unable to delete the tag. I have tried, but I am unable to uncheck the two boxes.

I'm okay to simply leave it alone, but it does seem to be kind of curious.


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Thank you for the links. After spending about three hours researching the RGAD frame in MP3 tags, I suspect very few players even recognize it, so it really is not an issue. I used foobar2000 to add replaygain, and iTunes to add volume control, but neither one used the tag. I had to un-do what foobar2000 did because it wiped out my TXXX user-defined totaltracks and totaldiscs tags to add its replaygain TXXX tags. I don't use replaygain anyway, so it is not an issue.

So the conclusion is, keep my songs in a separate folder away from iTunes, use MP3Tag to fix any future tagging with any new songs that I add, and use iTunes to sync my iPod (or other iThing). I'll use dBpoweramp for ripping and conversion, and a minimal installation of foobar2000 (Columns UI and NGPlaylist) as my desktop player, but not the foo-dop plugin for iPod sync'ing because it wiped out my foobar library. I found a program called iTunes Library Toolkit that will keep iTunes up to date with changes in my music library, and foobar does it with its folder monitoring.

Thanks for all the help offered over the past couple weeks. I learned a lot about MP3 and ID3 tags.