Romaji or Kanji, Kana?

Hi I just want to ask something again. :grin: What if im tagging Japanese songs what should I used Romaji or Kanji, kana? I am confused to this because sometimes I saw Japanese songs written in Romaji but in spotify it is written completely in Kanji also the artist written in kanji? I just want to know your opinion and tips for this question. thank have a great day everyone. :smile:

Since I don't even can distinguish betweeen Romaji and Kanji, I use what I get from my online sources. :wink:

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What my son says who learns Japanese:
Romanji is the latin representation of Japanese.
Kanji is the use of genuine Japanese characters
Kana is the syllable representation.

So it depends a lot on how proficient you are in reading Japanese.
If you can - use Kanji.

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