Roman Numerals case conversion

I'm using the regex example to convert roman numerals to upper case but I'm having a problem with it.

For some reason it is deleting commas out of the tag / filename / directory which makes no sense as the only replace command is the $upper

The suggested regex is

Is there something in here where the comma is being selected but the $upper fails so it is being replaced with nothing ?

The problem is when $upper gets a parameter with a comma it takes it as seperator and not as string.

If you replace at the begining (^|\W) by \b it should avoid this bug.

Dano, am I correct in assuming that should be replace (^|\W) with \b ?

If you write a regular expression, which contains a syntactical correct comma in the search string, within Mp3tag $regexp() function you have to escape the comma with apostrophes, because the comma is the delimiter character in Mp3tag scripting language that separates the parameters in a parameterlist.


egd I've updated the expression in the thread.

Yuk. Especially as $upper has nothing to separate, being a single-parameter function.

Thanks for that info, Dano.

What's \b ? Not mentioned in the Help, AFAICS.