Rotated Cover Image

When I add a .jpg image as a cover image, it is rotated 90 degrees to the left.The image is a 2976 x 2976 (1:1) square image. I also tried rotating the original image 90 degrees to the right but when I "Add Cover" it is still rotated 90 degrees to the left of the original image, or 180 degrees to the left of the modified image. What can I do to prevent rotating of images?


MP3tag takes images as they are. So if you find that the image looks rotated, it probably has a marker to indicate its orientation.
Transform the image so that this marker is missing and the image has the correct orientation and you are fine.

Are these jpgs made with a camera?
There is an orientation flag in the exif-metadata that tells the viewer how the photo was shot.
So the viewer can rotate the photo according to the flag. The photo itself is not changed in this process.
Most viewers today on make use of this orientation flag. In former times it was necessary to rotate the pictures with software permanently.

I would assume that MP3Tag takes the picture like it is and ignores this orientation flag.
Normally a cover is square and does not need an orientation flag at all.

So what can you do?
I suggest to get rid of all metadata in cover-pictures anyway.
I do this with all covers which I mostly get from the internet because regardles of the orientation flag (which I never saw in covers from the internet) I don't want any useless exif-metadata in my music files.

There is software that treats metadata in photos.
I strip all metadata before embedding cover-art with "exiftool".

If you do this you will see your pictures in the way they actually are and naturally have to rotate them yourself before embedding.

Hi Poster,
I used the Mp3tag tool to add cover photos to a couple hundred mp3 files without any problems then suddenly it started rotating them, same camera, etc. In Google Photos it shows the correct orientation, same as was on the camera. I used Exif Tag Remover 5.1 to strip all of the metadata and the photo now shows up rotated in Google Photo's rotated like it is in Mp3tag which leads me to believe that Mp3tag is ignoring the metadata. I believe I confirmed this by rotating the picture that had the metadata stripped back to the correct orientation and then added it to an mp3 using Mp3tag and it is still rotated 90 degrees CCW. If I take the picture with my phone camera rotated 90 degrees CW and then add it as a cover to a mp3 file using Mp3tag it now shows up in the correct orientation. This is strange as I have added hundreds of photo's to mp3 files using photo's taken from the same phone without incident until about a week ago.It would be nice if Mp3tag provided the option to rotate cover photos in the tool.

Thank you

That is right. MP3Tag is no photo-viewer and takes the picture like it is. The orientation flag is a feature for viewers to correct only the view of the pictures, not the pictures itself.

What really happens with rotating and viewing depends of the software you use and whether you strip the metadata before rotating or not.
There is image-software that writes a new orientation flag with rotating and there is imaging software that doesn't change the orientation flag. There even is imaging software that writes a new orientation flag with rotating even if there are no exif-dates before because you stripped all metadata (like Windows).
You have to examine and look if there is the orientation flag again after rotating with your software

There also is software (like Irfanview with it's lossless jpg-rotation features) that rotates pictures according to the orientation flag, not only for viewing but really changing the pictures.

If there is any music-player that displays the cover according to an exif-orientation-flag is beyond my knowledge.

Maybe your phone's software has changed?

You mean rotate the photo in the embedding-process according to an orientation flag? I think that goes too far. Mp3Tag is not an imaging software.

Anyway: I never thought before that people shoot pictures with their camera to create covers.