Rounding BPM value up or down

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I use MixMeister to add BPM (Beats per Minute) information to all my tracks in the %BPM%-tag. This BPM value always comes out as a 2 decimal number in this format xxx.xx (ex. 123.45 or 12.34). iTunes will always only read the 2 or 3 first numbers before the . and just ignore the decimal points. This means that 123.99 will be read as 123 BPM and not 124 BPM which of cause is a lot closer to the true BPM.

I need a script to fix this problem for me. A script that rounds up/down to the closest integer. .00 to .49 rounded down and .50 to .99 rounded up to the next integer. Actually I only need the second part since iTunes just truncates the decimals anyway, but doing both will look nicer as a solution.

I'm pretty sure this can be done, just I'm not proficient enough to do it.

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I found some threads:

Thank you Dano for pointing that out, I did search for BPM using the search top right on this page but came up with no hits, guess I did something wrong...


The search engine does not support words with less than 4 characters.
I used "round" as search term.
But you can also try Google with bpm

I use MixMeister to add BPM as well. I haven't found a way to round, but I created an action to truncate/drop off the rounding. I mean, 0.25 BPM is meaningless anyway.

Go to Convert Menu.
Go to Action Group.

Make a new Action Group say, BPM Format.
Start a new Action.
Dialog box will read, "Select Action Type."
Scroll to Format Value.

Format Value dialog box appears.
Change Field to BPM (scroll down on the drop-down box).
Set the format string to $num(%bpm%,3)

Click OK, Ok, Ok, and you're done.

Reply to this thread and let me know if this worked for you.