Row Color Options?

Just wondering about the possibility of the ability to adjust row colors?

I saw a post about this in the archived posts, but didn't find much info that helped.

I use windows themes, and do a little bit of theme design myself. But if certain elements in a program are hard-coded to be a certain color, then there's not much to be done about it.

My example of the issue (when using windows themes) is below.

Are the white and grey lines hard coded? Or are those colors pulled from the system?

If they are hard coded, is it possible to add options that would allow different windows themes to affect those row colors?

See if Tools>Options>General>Show lines
does something for you - it is actually a tri-state button with an individual outcome for each setting.

Wow! I've used this program for a while, and never knew that! Thanks! It worked!

Only issue now is that the selected line shows black text. Against the dark green it's a bit hard to see, but not so bad.

Is the selected text hard-coded as black? Or is that likely a theme issue?


MP3tag does not invent a lot of the GUI again.
So it mainly relies on WIndows resources.
You could save your current theme and then experiment with some of the readymade ones and see how MP3tag changes its appearance.