Rows disappear on Mp3tag v.3.23

Did you move these files with another program after loading them in Mp3tag?

Do you press ENTER in the File List?

  • No, have not done that

Do you use the Arrow (up/down) keys? Or Page Up, Page Down keys?

  • Yes, I used the arrow up/down keys.

Also I was able to get the file I clicked with mouse to disappear just by waiting for a couple of minutes.
I retried it by refreshing the list and clicked on another file and after a short while it disappeared.
It does not do that every time though.

But it seems I need to click or view the file in some form for it to disappear.
And this is logical to what I originally encountered. I clicked on the first file within an album. Then used shift+click on the last file to select the whole album to either copy tags or paste tags.
And the first file I had clicked frequently disappeared (after a while).

The files are currently located on my E-drive (a 1TB NVME).

What was the result of this attempt?

Sorry. life got in the way so I have not been able to do that yet. It is not forgotten...

I loaded my whole hi-res (~FLAC) collection from the server into 2nd PC Mp3tag and it crashed (then I noticed I had 32-bit version installed).
I uninstalled the 32-bit version and installed the same newest 64-bit as I have in my main computer and reloaded the collection.
I have been editing some files for a while now and no files have disappeared.
The second PC has same 32GB RAM but a bit older CPU than the new one (i7-4770K vs i7-10700K). 2nd PC does have less stuff running on the background, so there is more free memory (19.2GB free). Else both have pretty similar setup, like W10 Pro 22H2.

The 2nd PC is headless (or it does have a dummy monitor connected to be able to control it properly remotely).
I shall next connect the keyboard I swapped from main PC and a mouse to see if they make a difference. But unfortunately I am unable to make the two computers identical...

Then I shall fully uninstall Mp3tag from the main computer as the issue seems to be only on that one (based on current but limited information). Then I'll restart it and reinstall Mp3tag just to be on the safe side.

I'll have to continue the testing of my main computer next week due to travel (it's going to be Father's day on Sunday).

Thanks a lot for great questions/suggestions, so I was able to pinpoint my main PC to be the culprit.

I did do some stress testing with the secondary machine.
Mp3tag was working solidly even though I had a lot of flac files in it (over 45k).

Only hick-up I saw was when app was not responding, when I moved with arrow keys to a file that was located on a different hard drive on the server, and it takes a while for it to spin them up and give the requested data. But the app handled them nicely and once it had the response from server, it was back in game again.

Just some more ideas:
Mouse keys can be configured to perform other tasks than just primary clicks - and some of the buttons chatter .
I once had an IR sensor for a keyboard and a mouse that got upset by neon bulbs.

I'm having the EXACT same issue. I found this thread pretty easily with a quick search.

I appreciate all of the problem-solving that's already been done here.
I see that OP toku says "I was able to pinpoint my main PC to be the culprit."
Not sure exactly why though, correct?

My same issue started at least a few months back and happens constantly .As stated by toku It is also hindering my use of Mp3tag.

I can see how much has been gone through here.

It's strange because it's worked fine for years on this same laptop. Didn't notice it right away at any point after installing other software, etc. It's not memory, drive space, file storage location, etc.

I do notice that I'm using an older version of Mp3tag, so I'll update and see if that helps.

As seen above, it is difficult to describe. As just doing normal tasks, rows disappear from the Mp3tag edit list. There's nothing specifically done repeatedly that relates to the disappearance issue.

[On a side note, when I read toku say

I had a lot of flac files in it (over 45k).

... my eyes bulged out of my head! LOL