Rows disappear on Mp3tag v.3.23

Hellou :slight_smile:

For some reason some rows disappear from the browser view without direct user interaction.

I have a Windows 10 computer that I use to modify my music collection with 64-bit Mp3tag.

The music collection is on a dedicated share on my UnRaid server. The collection in question consists mostly of CD quality (or better) FLAC files.
I do not use mover/cache with my music share, so no changes are done (by the Server) to the files while they are on the server.

I do not have any issues accessing the music files with other apps like Plex or Musicbee. Plex, Musicbee and other clients were not running while I was modifying the files' information with Mp3tag.

I did manage to catch a video of the issue.

On the video the 9th file from the bottom is going to disappear around 19/20 sec mark.
I was trying to copy tags from original files to new ones I had downsampled with Adobe Audition. When the first file of the source batch disappeared just before I selected the range to paste tags into.

The rows are disappearing in other situations as well. Often I notice it just by the list suddenly jumping one row up without me doing anything.

The current issue is happening frequently. So it is hindering using Mp3tag, which is a shame as it is a great piece of SW. Usually I am forced to re-scan the folder after one or two batches of copy-paste actions (to get the missing files visible again).

I somehow expect the reason to lie on the network share, but I have not encountered any similar issues with any other SW. UnRaid has been extremely robust for several years.

Any help would be appreciated.

ps. I did upgrade Mp3tag from an earlier version in hope that this was a known issue that had been fixed. I do not recall the original version number unfortunately.

And what happens if you treat the files on a local drive?

Also, see here if that is the case:

Thanks for extremely fast response :smiley:

I have to retry with local files again to be sure how they really behave.

I checked the link, and at least the symptoms seem different. Did you have something special in your mind regarding that thread?

My "Manage History" is empty.
Here are my Mpeg options:

I tested on a local folder with below 250 files.

Pretty fast one file disappeared even I did not do anything else except sort the files differently. No edits.
I do not know which file disappeared, but from the file amount on right bottom corner I could see the number increase with one when I re-scanned the contents.

I did see that some of the files this time were ._*.aiff (created by my Mac I guess), where the Tag reading had failed. In my music share I do not have any aiff files and I did not notice any Tag read failures during the editing. But I do have those Mac files there as well.

I am afraid, that from the distance it is almost impossible to go through all the variables in your system.
So, there is a NAS with possible interference,
there is a MAC that accesses the same files and leaves strange files behind.
And then there is MP3tag as the last link in the chain.
I can only recommend that you single out all the influences to get down to the root cause.

It is still not really clear to me what happens (even though you spent the effort to create a video).
Here is what I gathered so far:
You load a set of files.
And after up to 20 seconds the number of loaded files is reduced by a random number.
So far it is not clear which files disappear.

I have verified that the same problem occurs also on my local NVME drive, where no MAC interferes with the files (as I moved all of them out from the directory). And the server is not affecting the files either.

When I started (13 minutes ago) I had 234 files in my local drive.
Now I have 232.
I added album art to the files in question.

Is this what is shown in MP3tag or in the explorer?
And do you have a clue which files are missing now?

Now there are 227 files in Mp3tag.
No files disappear from the NVME.
If I rescan then the missing files reappear to Mp3tag.

I can check manually between Mp3tag and file explorer which files are missing...

Files do not appear any more in the file list if you press Del
Files are not shown if a filter is applied - but you can see that in the status bar.
The filtered file list does not get re-filtered if you only modify tags. You would have to press F5 or another function in MP3tag.
It should not happen on its own.

Just some ideas:

Does the files also disappear if you don't touch them?
Just load 234 files and wait. Do they stay stable at 234?

Could it be that you have some kind of key pressing macros running?
Some procedures that press Del for example?

If you switch your keyboard for test purposes, does it change the behaviour?

Here difference a while ago:

If there was something pressing DEL key, I would see the same impact in Explorer as my files starts to disappear...

Not exactly.
The Del inside Mp3tag only removes it visually from the file list inside Mp3tag.
It does NOT delete it physically from your hard disc.
That way you can press F5 and the files reappear inside Mp3tag.

But as you suggested there is a macro or keyboard issue pressing DEL.
Why would that only happen in Mp3tag and not in any other app?

I loaded now the 234 files again and won't do anything, just leave them hanging in there for the night and report back later.
(So far no changes while I have not touched the app...usually the files start to disappear fast when working with them.)

After I have tested that I shall swap the keyboard.

In parallel I am starting and installing Mp3tag to another desktop computer to compare if the issue is related to this particular computer.

The 234 files have stayed in the Mp3tag when I did not do any edits...
Same on the other PC where I had 166 files from the UnRaid Server sit the night just nicely.

Next I shall replace the keyboard on my main computer and try to edit the files again.
And if files still disappear, then I do the same with the other PC.

Ok, thank you for your feedback.

If you do the same changes on your other PC do you see some tracks disappearing there?

I shall report back tonight when I can again take a look at this issue.
Thanks for your support!

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Replaced the keyboard on my main computer.
Then clicked on one file on Mp3tag list to see the details for it and immediately another file disappeared from the UI.
I checked and I have 6.6 GB of free RAM memory so that should not be an issue either.

So going to next try the other computer if there is something in this one to disagree with Mp3tag,

One more thing I now noticed as I was looking more carefully.

At least the few last times the file that disappears is one that I have recently looked at.
I did not do any changes but just clicked on a file or used keyboard to advance further on the list and a file I moved away from or had just looked at disappeared.

How exactly do you do that?
Do you press ENTER in the File List?
Do you use the Arrow (up/down) keys? Or Page Up, Page Down keys?