Run a command (Tool) on each file

I've configured a Tool to run a batch script for each selected file. However, this seems to run an instance simultaneously for each selected file.

This is not good, in that I can't run it on 100's of files simultaneously. The batch script copies the chosen file across my network to another machine and then runs genpuid.exe on that file. I want this to be done on 1 file at a time (synchronously).

I can't find a way to make an action run an external command either.

Any ideas how best to achieve this?

I'm thinking that I'll have to export the list of files to a text file, and then write a DOS batch script to process lines in the file.

You can define the contents of that export file in such a way that it will run as a batch (if you just changed the suffix).

Good idea, I just export the list of files, formatted with additional text to call the batch script.

Bit of a kludge solution, but it works.

Thanks - saved me a little bit of messing around.