Running a Web Script over multiple files

Hi there,

I've never 'needed' to do this before, but now that I do, I can't find a way to do it... And searches didn't surface anything.

I'd like to run a web script (which may prompt for selection of proper match) across multiple files. Each file is different, so the script should be called separately to pull web data for each file selected.

It seems that multi-selecting in mp3tag today causes the web script to be called once (for the first item), and the results applied to all files, which I can't think of a proper use case for.

Cany anyone comment/provide insight? Or even a workaround excluding purely manual.


The idea of web source scripts is to scan through one page of web content and then assign the found data to tag fields.
So if you can create a single web page that shows the sought after data for all the files then you are fine.
I think that this is currently not possible (starting with creating such a web page) so that you have to call the web source script for each individual file separately.
That's the way it currently is.


I guess the feature request here is that if multiple files are selected, the web script should be called once for each file in the selection. The rest of current design would remain as is.

The basic question then is: how should MP3tag know when you want to treat each file separately or as a group.

I would guess that the usecase I'm putting forth is more common (e.g. people want to update all their music files etc), and should be default behavior.

But there could be a setting as well.... Either in the general settings, or in the pop-up that initiates the process (e.g. entering the search criteria).

@Florian is there any possibility of adding this as an enhancement?

It's on my internal list of ideas for future enhancements but not something that is planned for the near future.

If you need to tag individual files via an online source, I suggest looking into MusicBrainz Picard. It's pretty good in identifying individual tracks by their acoustic fingerprint.

Ok thanks Florian.

Actually I was looking at running iTunes and IMDB Web Scripts across multiple unrelated movies.
It's good to know that it's on your list though :slight_smile: