Running multiple instance

Hello everyone!

I just wanna ask on how do I open multiple instances of Mp3tag i.e. open more than one Mp3Tag program/window concurrently? This is very useful when I want to do the ID3-Tag Copy from another folder to another.

That's all. Thank you very much.

Mp3Tag really rockz!!! Thank so much you guys!

This is not possible as it would bring a lot of problems with handling the saving of settings and such. :slight_smile:


What a great disappointment for me.. :sunglasses:

This is because recently I am reproducing my mp3 from my CDs using a new software. And I want to update them with the same tags from my existing mp3 collections (the same CD collection).

As you can see, this task could be easily done if I can open two or more windows at the same time so that I can copy tag from one to another since they are residing in two different folders.

I would highly appreciated if you guys could make the program run multiple instances at the same time. Or at least could make something like tree navigation (Windows-Explorer style) so that one could easily browse from folder to folder without having to click the "Change Directory" button.

Thank you so much.

Well, as stated already, it is difficult to implement because of the way settings are loaded and saved.
A folder tree is not planned as you can see from the road-map, but you can use the folder history to easily switch to one of the last used directories.

AFAIK you can copy tags from one set of files and then point MP3Tag to another folder/set of files, highlight the corresponding files, right click and paste tags. I've done it many times on 10 - 20 files at a time and it has always worked. Not sure how it would go copying tags for hundreds or thousands of files, though I suspect it would not present any problems (subject to Windoze memory considerations).