Runtime error on closing Mp3tag or saving config


I'm getting a runtime error whenever I close Mp3tag (version 2.58) - screeshot of the error attached.

It says the error is in the file: szipfile.cpp, line 1031, term m_zf.pfileZip!=NULL, code 00000000

I can't save configuration for the same reason.

The mp3tag log doesn't seem to be updating otherwise I'd have attached it - and i think the problem is relating to the read protect my PC is placing on the Mp3tag directory, which is within:


When I uncheck read only the computer automatically reverses it.

I'm using Windows 8 - is this a compatibility thing?

You have to be the owner of the mp3tag folder in %appdata%.
If you installed mp3tag with a different account then it does not work.
It is not enough to have the role of an administrator.