Runtime Error when moving files (.lrc files present)

I'm getting a runtime error when I try to move files from one location to another. I've deduced that this happens when I have .lrc (lyric) files present in the same folder with names that match their song files.

I'm using an action which imports lyrics from a "txt" file by importing from a .lrc or .txt file with a matching filename.

I've noticed I get this runtime error without fail if I do not delete these txt & lrc files before initiating the move. I have also noticed mp3tag fails at the 50% mark exactly each time & during the move it seems to always move half the music files & their respective .lrc files before coming to a halt.

I can't say this is really an issue but I figured bringing it to attention may be worth while

Mp3tagError.log (771 Bytes)

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What kind of action do you use to "move" the files? I use an action like this:

Format Value
Format String:

daily with loads of .lrc files and haven't run into any issues. The .lrc files get renamed and moved alongside .mp3 and .flac files without a problem.
It would probably help if you could provide the action you are trying to use as well as each step leading up to the error.

Sorry about that, I don't think I've ever seen anyone use the "move" option. To be honest I didn't know of its existence.

It's Edit → Move...

I've already assigned bug-confirmed and liked the initial report. Once I have a fix, I'll give an update here.

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This is now fixed with Mp3tag v3.23c. Many thanks for reporting the issue!

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Wow, that was fast. Thank You

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