Runtime error when using right-click tools

Hope someone can help me out.
When i right click a song and go to tools menu , i get a runtime error
file: y:\projects\mp3tag\mtmmainframe.cpp
line: 5251

i have a couple "tools" setup and they are all doing this.

this started when i upgraded to 2.88h from 2.78

any sugestions?

Perhaps you rename the mp3tag.cfg and see if a fresh start with that leads to a more glitch free performance.
(Rename so that you can re-use it if that did not remedy the cause)

Another attempt would be: rename the tools.ini file and then (after a restart of MP3tag) create a new tool and see if it works. If that is the case, then the tools.ini is corrupt for whatever reason and you have to create the tools anew.

Can you post the details of the tool configuration and the complete filepath of the file that triggers this error?

Thanks for the quick responses.

I tried the re-naming of mp3tag.cfg and tools.ini and had same error after making a tool again.

on a different computer i installed 2.88a and tools worked. I then installed 2.88h and am having same error

here are 2 of the tools from the tools.ini
I aslo tried directing thru to firefox and opera and neither worked.
I aslo tried just building a tool to open /windows/notepad.exe without any parameters and same error(worked on 2.88a)

MTTOOLSPARAM=\u003d"$replace(%artist% %album%, ,+,&,+)"&tbm\u003disch
MTTOOLSPATH=C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe

MTTOOLSPATH=C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe

OK, the tools are working here. Are the files on a special drive/NAS?

Originally files were on a network drive, but moved them to the local desktop and get same error.

I will install on another computer that has never had mp3tag installed and see what that gets me.

I guess I can try the portable install too to see if makes any difference..

It will be a day or 2 before I have time to check, but will report back


(forget my last post tested from the wrong folder.)

Anyways, i retested , and the errors are only coming when the files are on my network drive.
I went back and tested the different betas.
2.88e test ok
2.88f runtime line 5260
2.88h + 289 runtime error 5251

is this a bug or is this a problem just on my network?
I am using an "Unraid" samba share

if you need me test anything, just let me know

I've fixed the issue with Mp3tag v2.89a.

Thanks for reporting and testing!

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