Russian/Greek Characters displayed in some tags.


Hi all
I have used MP3tag to tag hundreds of files always with the same default settings mostly with info from Freedb or amazon. All the tags are the same english characters when viewed in MP3tag or WMP10 but when I load songs (in folders) onto my MP3 Player (a cheap S1 type) some of the tags are displayed as russian or greek characters. The whole album or folder is displayed like this not just odd files so it must be some thing to do with the tag encoding.
Viewing these files/tags in MP3tag and looking at the properties they are no different to the files with tags that display correctly on my MP3 player.
How can put this right and stop it happening in the first place.



Hi again
I read the 2.33 version notes regarding Unicode support after a search through some posts pointed to the page. Following the instructions I resaved some of the tags from the default(?) UTF-16 to ISO-8859-1 and yes the tags do now display correctly on my MP3 player.
But I have never altered this setting before so why do these tags require this change when others do not.

Is there a way for me to force all tags into the correct format?
Is there a way to see how the imported or ripped tags are encoded?
I have alot of folders to check is there a way to automate the process of checking/converting the tags?



To check the encoding, you can add a new column with the value %_id3v2_character_encoding%

You just have to resave all tags that are affected and keep the setting to iso-8859-1
You can also go over files that already have the right encoding.


Hi Dano
Thanks for your reply

I added the encoding column as you suggested and checked my MP3 Player that had some incorrectly displayed tags on it. Two folders displayed tags incorrectly one had all the tags in UTF-16 format and and the other in ISO-8859-1 !!
However resaving the tags into ISO-8859-1 format in both folders sorted it out. Is this to do with the underlying character table used in both encodings being non unicode and MP3tag changed them to unicode? (that statement may only be showing my lack of understanding!!).
Which is the most widely used ( most compatable ) UTF-16 or ISO8859-1?
One last Question Dano if all the folders (sorted by Artist - Album) holding MP3 files are held in one directory is it possible to use the scripting function in MP3tag to open a folder and resave the tags then move to the next folder and repeat until all the folders in the directory have been done.
I would like to have a go at writing the script myself but only if it is possible to do it. Or has anyone posted a script to do this?
once again thanks for your advice.

MP3tag is a fantastic program, Florian has done a great job writing it.


iso-8859-1 is the most compatible.

This is not possible with scripting. It is not that advanced.
But you can just load your main folder with all sub dirs, select all files (or in several steps) and resave.