Samba shares are not seen from mp3tag???

Hi Guys

I have a windows 7 64 bit running here, and I have a NAS holding my music, but I can't see the network drives from within mp3tag (I see them fine from Explorer).
I didn't have this problem in Windows XP (same NAS, network, login script).
Any cure for this?

Oops, this should have been in English:
Windows 7 behave a little strange in the network - e.g. I cannot access a WIndows 7 computer with Microsoft's own Synctoy running on a XP machine - the Windows 7 computer simply vanishes after a couple of files from the network visible for the XP machine.
My idea for a workaround: if the NAS is visible in the Explorer copy the network path from the Explorer's address bar to the MP3Tag tag panel field Directory and press Enter.

or use the Microsoft syntax for network paths using \\.
By the way: Windows 7 shows more network devices under network further down the Explorer tree - do not mix this with the home network group. Perhaps the NAS is hiding in the node "Network".