Same action to apply to each song


kinda new here :slight_smile:

im using this magnificent sw from quite some days now and im still trying to figure it out if its possible to iterate certain kinds of actions.

since im doing the same kind of work for each mp3 (or even multiple ones) like :

1)click on discogs server to update the cover
2)confirm the Artist name (quite useless since the right name is already tagged)
3)look and choose between the several coverarts found

now, im used to use always the same criteria on each mp3 (i always confirm the Artist name without editing it and choose for example the coverart coming from the Single album).

would it be possible to iterate these kinds of steps in order to gain time?
in adding some sort of "guidelines" to follow in case of coverart find, maybe, i dont know.

just asking :smiley:

tnx anyway, till now mp3tag looks the best coverart finder around, and its even free... so cant even scream too loud :smiley: