Same file appears twice on squeezebox under two different artists

Hi all. New here, and felt the need to register etc in order to ask for help as I just can't work out what's happening with my tags.

I have some FLAC files which were converted from APE files, and I am having difficulties with the Artist tag, in that, on my squeezebox, the same album is appearing under two different artists, one of which I am unable to see in any field in mp3tag.

Artist (As visible in mp3tag): Beethoven
Album: Symphony No.3

Artist (As invisible in mp3tag): von Karajan
Album: Symphony No.3

Of course, this means that my artist listing is a complete mess, especially as the invisible to mp3tag is formatted as Karajan, von Karajan and Herbert von Karajan! However, none of these variations is visible in any mp3tag field (or on any other program, eg Foobar).

Does anyone know where these alternative tags are being read from -- they are based on the tags that were part of the ape file, but I thought that mp3tag would overwrite them. I've tried displaying every field in mp3tag, and have tried displaying all types of tag (ID3v1, ID3v2 and APE) as well as each one separately. I've also tried (with all write boxes checked) re-saving the tags, with the hope that they'd all be re-written with my tags. All to no avail.

Anyone come across this problem before, and most especially, found a solution for it?



It looks as though you have got/created a multivalue field - search the forum for this key word.

You may see all the tags in file (even the duplicate ones) with the extended tag view.
Also, have a look at the help for the $meta() function and see whether it may be worthwhile to create a column that indicates whether there are more than one artist tag field in a file.

I tried various ways via the possibilities you suggested, but to no avail.

I also tried running a "Replace" action,

Replace: Karajan
With: (left blank)

It seemed to process it, but it still appears on the duet controller, even though I've rescanned, and turned off/on the controller.

Oh well. In the end, using the artist field was going to be a bit of a nightmare anyway. I'm in the process of creating an HDD on my NAS with the entire classical core repertoire, so having an artist field with Bach, for eg, would mean that there'd be hundreds of albums. Instead I'm going to use the navigate via Music Folder option, by which I can have \Beethoven\Orchestral\Symphony No.1\01 Adagio Molto etc

Thanks anyway,

You were right all along, ohrenkino, they were there, but I couldn't see them all when I selected all and then viewed extended tags as they differed, and so the option field said rather than displaying the actual tag. Simply changing to deleted all the tags, and now I'm much happier, though am still using the folder option rather than artist as it's more convenient.


Here you'll find some recommandations on tagging, e. g. COMPOSER for Beethoven, CONDUCTOR for Karajan and so on.

Regarding FLAC files I found metaflac.exe very useful to see which fields really are in the file. Just download the commandline version of FLAC (a zip archiv), extract anywhere, found metaflac.exe. In a command line (cmd.exe) you can just type "metaflac --list file.flac" and you'll see all fields as they are. Simple.

Just my 2 cents :slight_smile: