Same files in 2 directories have different tags

I organized and cleaned some files to be used with my Traktor S4 device. I ran the Traktor software that read the tags and imported the files. I closed Traktor. I opened MP3Tag and I noticed that some filed had lost all the tags. I checked with a binary readed and I saw the tags.
Then I decided to try to repair the files and at first I copied one directory in order to keep the original file. I loaded the new directory in MP3Tag and all the files were OK. I switched many times between the two directories and the differences between them remained.
I binary compared the pair od files with the same name and they are identical.
I cannot imagine a reason for this.

I attach two screen captures.

I see that some files have APE tags.
Depending on the settings in Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg, you may read APE tags which overrule the contents of ID3V2 tags.
So if you have a program that writes only one tag version so that they get out of sync in respect to contents, then you may not see that information you were expecting.

Delete the APE tags and see if the desired contents appears.

Thank you very much, I will do it because this is a good advice. Anyway, this does not explain why the files in the second pictures have all the tags and the file in the first picture don't. The file in second picture have been just copied: I create the directory d:\aaaa then I copied the files from the directory d:\TraktoMusic\A in the newly created dir. That's it. The tags of all the copied files are shown, the tags of some of the original files are not shown. That's totally a non-sense. I solved the problem by copying everything in a new directory and replaced the original one with the copy. :smiley: