Same Title Same Tags

I apologize in advance for my poor english. I hope you understand all I want to write you.
I'm new with this software and I think it could be usefull for what I want to do.

I have to catalogue a same directory of music with personalized tag.
The problem is that this directory could be updated with different versions of a song, with the same name, replacing the file within the directory of which I already add my tags.

Is there a method to keep the added tags if the file audio is different but the filename is the same?
Furthermore, I don't really need that mp3tag writes the tags in the file but I need that when I open mp3tag, it shows me all the files from that directory with my info written in the software.

I hope to have explained myself well. Some advices?

Thank you in advance!

Filename and tags don't have anything to do with each other.
So you can write whatever you want into the tags without touching the filename ever.
If you want rename a file, then you have to take care that the filename is unique as otherwise it won't work.
MP3tag will always read the tag data, so your

should be displayed everytime you load the files into MP3tag.

Hi ohrenkino, thank you for the quick response!

I'm afraid I haven't made myself clear.
In this directory a mp3 named "sweety" could be replaced by another mp3 named "sweety" but the audio is different (it's an update version of the same song). I'd like mp3tag keeps the tags of the first file and enter the info in the second one.

About the second reply: I know I can see the tags everytime I load the files but to resolve the above (probably un-resolvable) question, is possible to create a list in mp3tags not related to the file?


Yes, there is a way, but not like you described it.

You can copy the complete tag of one or more files and then paste this data to one or more others.
So if you have you got those "sweety" files then
select the source file.
right-click on the source file and select "Copy tag" from the context menu.
select the target file
right-click on the target file and select "Paste tag".
This also works for several source files and the same number of target files where the order of the source files tag data is kept for the target files.

MP3tag does not remember any data for particular fields.
If you have data that you enter frequently into a specific field, then you can set an action of the type "format value" for that field and call that action from the actions menu.

This seems the best way to do it but keeps the handwork of the process and the multiple versions of a song. I would have liked that the process was more automatic.

One more little question: is possible to display a file's hierarchy in mp3tag?
I can do it with directories out of mp3tag but the software keeps the subdivision?

For example:
I have the default directory that I want mp3tag shows me everytime I open it.. ok!
Within this directory, I have several other directories called "sweety", "salty", "bitterly". I'd like mp3tag shows me these too.
Within mp3tag, I'd like to open a directory and see all the versions of the song in that directory.

Thank you again for your time and your knowledge!

There is no such option or function in MP3tag.
(you may look for threads with the search words "directory tree")

My bad, seems a fairly trite matter! :grimacing:
Is it so difficult to implement?

That's all for now, thank you again!

One could export the tag from the original file into a text file, e. g. %_filename%.nfo, and later import tag data from that file into the updated version. Thatʼs not fully automated within MP3Tag, but that could possibly be achieved with a third party tool.

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