Sample Size

I think it would be nice if the samplesize tag would be included :slight_smile:
(maybe it is already but I couldn't find anything about it)

For those who don't know sample size (aka bit depth) very wel:

So don't confuse with bitrate or samplerate :slight_smile:
I'll give an example
bitrate: 192 kbps
samplerate: 44100 Hz
samplesize/bitdepth: 16 bit

I've tried the tag %_samplesize% but that didn't work...

anyone? :stuck_out_tongue:

If that is an MP3 file, the information you provided is not correct since MP3 like all lossy encoders have no bit depth (they operate using floating point data and don't store the bit depth information anywhere). Anyways, for lossless codecs it might be useful to have that information.

Oh, I didn't know that....tnx :slight_smile:

For lossless files, what is the value to display "Bit Depth" if one exists? Have tried many variations but no luck so far. Thanks.

For FLAC, try BitsPerSample

Thanks, but %_BitsPerSample% as a Column value returns no data. They are FLAC files.

Please search the forums. Lots of users have tried to ask for such information (information saved in a song file but not as a tag), but it has been determined that this information will not be provided by Mp3tag for any purpose because there is no legitimate need for such information in managing tags or song files. If you want such information that is already in your song file, use another tool.