Sanity check on action submenus

Try as I might I can't seem to get action submenus to work.
I created an empty action group called test#test1 and another action group with 1 action like this:
The action within test1 does this:
Using test1 directly changes the artist tag (replaces The with ehT ).
But calling it from the submenu does nothing.

Is there something I'm doing wrong/not understanding correctly?

If the action group in the submenu is empty then it does not do anything, of course.
If you have a look at the actions folder then you will see that there is a file for TEST1 and one for TEST#TEST1 - so these are actually 2 different entities.

That solves my fundamental misunderstanding. I thought I'd have to call an existing action group by means of creating another one that references it in its name. Thanks for clearing it up.

I interpreted the wording: "and would list the action group Set COMMENT within this menu." as meaning that it would reference an existing action group called "Set COMMENT" in the submenu instead of displaying the same action group as the submenu entry "Set COMMENT".

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