Sansa Clip zip podcast tags

I got mp3tab to change tags in podcasts. Specifically, I download the Inside Europe Deutxe Welle radio program podcast saving them with different file names representing the date aired (f.e. IE_20150802.mp3), and in Samsa the files are grouped under "inside Europe" podcast, but when I open the podcast all the files are named "Inside Europe"; what tag should I change in mp3tag so that I see the date aired instead? (When I changed the Title tag, they were not grouped under "Inside Europe" but they appeared under the airing date instead).

Another program I download is "Economic Update" which is not a podcast. and I name the files according to the date aired too. This time, the files are grouped under podcast "Unknown" and when I open it, all the files are all named "Economic Update". In this case, I would like first to have the grouped under podcast "Economic Update", and then show the date aired as in the former case.



You should fill the fields
I doubt that modifiying display settings in MP3tag will change anything in the Sansa.

I do not know what you have stored in TITLE but if you want to show something like the podcast topic plus the release date, try an action of the type "Format value" for TITLE
Format string: %album% %releasetime%

If tracks appear in a strange grouping then usually something is missing as sort criterion and the only way around it, is to fill it with some additional data.

OK, I found out what the relevant fields are: For the name of podcast: Album; and for Episode: Title. Now I can see what podcast is being played.