Save Configuration Question (2.89/2.89a)

I see two places where a "save configuration..." item shows up.

  1. File > Save Configuration

This creates a zip file that can be unzipped in the Roaming folder for mp3tag in order to completely customize the features of the program.

  1. Tools > Options > Tag Panel > Utils > Save Configuration...

The latter process apparently creates an "ini" file that stores some information that apparently can be retrieved at a later date. Saving and loading numerous "configurations" appear to be possible.

My questions follow:

  1. What configuration is being saved in item 2 above.?
  2. What is the purpose for adding this additional feature?
  3. What is the relationship between the two ways to save a configuration?
  4. Do they serve the same purpose?

Dennis...aka "d2b"

What have you done so far to find out what the different "saves" do?
You could read the help for menu File and see:

"Save configuration...
This function saves all settings and configuration files to a single zip file for backup purposes. "

The Utils for the tag panel save the current setup of the tag panel - so that you can have different field layouts for different purposes.

The help link you provided only confirms what I aleady knew about the Save Configuration... item in the File Menu. It does not address the other "Save Configuration..." choice that appears in the Utils menu in the tag panel.

This new feature is a welcome addition for individuals that wish to tag classical music one day and popular music at another time, where the appropriate fields may be significantly different.

From all appearances, it looks like these configurations are stored in the roaming folder. If that's true, then a 'master' zip file distributed to several workstations delegated to maintaining a large music library can have identical tag panel configuration options. Is this the case?

You will notice that there is now an extra folder "panels" in the data folder.

This is a very welcome feature! Thank you.

There is a "tag" in the tag panel that isn't really a tag in the sense that it isn't written as a vorbis comment. It's the one called "Directory," This item identifies the folder within which the music you are tagging is located. It is an important feature of the tag panel.

Since it is now possible to have several different tag panel layouts, it would be convenient to have a second "non-writing" item in the tag panel that shows the name of the current tag panel configuration. Possible names for these configurations could be something like Popular Music, Classical Music, Standard Layout, Compact Layout, etc.

We would like to be able to add a second "non-writing" tag window that shows the name of the current tag panel layout. We would position the directory name at the top of the tag panel, with the configuration name just below it. How can this be created so that the configuration name information (like the directory path) is not written as a vorbis comment or a metadata in other file formats when tagging them?

Second question: Before the tag panel layout was redesigned so that every element could be positioned and/or renamed at will, there was a fine horizontal line that divided the fixed-tag area from the rest of the panel. How is that generated? We would like to place one like that just below the two "non-writing" items: Directory and the Tag Panel Configuration window that we hope we can create. Can this be done as well?


Dennis, aka "d2b"