Save creation and modify date

I would like to see a feature to preserve the File Creation Data and Modification Date.

The drives on my 10 Year NAS drives were failing. I was able to preserve all the files except some images. I noticed that there was a bunch of MP3 files that I have forgotten about and most didn't have correct MP3 Tags while others had the wrong group and title (Thankfully for Shazam! on my cell phone I was able to ID the tracks). However I didn't like that every time I corrected the tags all the dates changed. So I used another program Altap Salamander to preserve the dates. Would like to be able to preserve these dates without a third party program.



See Tools>Options>Tags>Keep timestamp

If you activate this option, your file modification time will NOT be changed anymore, aka as preserved.

Thank you for answering this. Sorry I haven't replied to this before now asI ended up spending the last 2 weeks due to complications due to Type 1 Diabetes.



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