Save embedded art?

I have 63 album compilation with different album art in each album I want to save when tagging.

I do not want the generic box set album art.

all files are in one folder at this point.

all files are seen, just do not want to destroy all the album covers.

recording date and release date would be nice.

thank you

So to clarify, do the files already each have their own embedded artwork? And for Recording date and Release date, are these all to be the same for the entire set? Your request doesn’t have enough details.

yes, all the albums (63) have different art for each album. if I tag they all get lost and replaced with the box set cover.

each album has a different recording date, 1957, 1958, etc. box set is 2013. pretty sure I would have to edit that myself, but would like both fields. all the dates are in there, if I tag all gets replaced with 2013.

Sort of new to this, and also classical is tricky. thanks

How do you tag files so that existing data is lost?

How do you proceed so that

I am a little puzzled as you can treat each file individually without any data loss.

Can it be that you are writing about the speciality "Tagging from a websource" and not generally about tagging with MP3Tag?

yes, from a web source using mp3tag. I was just curious if there was a setting to save the current album art and not overwrite.

Each tag field that you get from the web source can be checked or unchecked to decide whether it should be taken or whether the existing state should remain.

Great album!

That worked, I just unchecked the album art and year and all intact. not sure why I couldn't figure that out. thanks again

...and there are the functions in the Utils button menu to save pictures into the file system. Perhaps that also helps.

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