Save M4A tags to file


I have a bunch of M4A music that I converted from FLAC using iTunes. How can I save the tags for the music? I would like to be able to import them back into the respective files using Mp3tag if for some reason the tags get messed up.


I've found no way of saving all tags to reimportable text in Mp3tag.

I suggest you make a copy of the track files and to conserve space, remove all audio e.g. with GoldWave batch processing. You can restore tags from this to your main set using Mp3tag Copy and Paste.

is it possible to use the export function in Mp3tag to achieve what I need?

Not in general, due to "Text file - Tag" reimport not supporting embedded separator, Mp3tag reserved string \\, newline and album art. If you can ensure your tags contain none of these, Export might work for you.

You'd also need to ensure that upon restore the file set and its ordering in Mp3tag was exactly as per the backup e.g. you did not add, subtract or rename any file. One way to verify this is to

  1. include filepath in the export
  2. Make import put it in a spare field
  3. After import, use a custom column to compare exported and imported filepaths
  4. If any difference is found, Undo the import!

Good luck!