Save on Enter and folder load on file drop

I'd like to suggest 2 features to be evaluated/ added:

  1. Enter triggers save in left side editing panel: Whenever you hit enter the added/altered tags should be saved automatically. (Could be made an optional preference setting)

  2. Filed Drag&Drop from Folder: If you drag one File from within a folder in Finder into mp3rtag all files from that folder should be loaded to the central file list for editing in mp3tag


I would like to point out that the tag-panel has its virtues if you edit data that is shared by many files.
So depending on the number of loaded and selected files, it may take some time to save a modification to the files.
If this happens after each field and not after you finished editing all the fields, then editing time will increase considerably.
Making it an option is IMHO no real option as usually one has set it to the wrong mode which again will increase editing time.

Also, loading all files from a folder instead of just the one that I just selected would slow down editing if I really only wanted to edit that particular file. If I want to edit the whole folder, then I select the folder. This is the quickest way to tell MP3tag what to load - and no extra option is required.
At least these are my observations using the PC version.

I stumbled across the first issue as well and wanted to address this myself, so glad someone beat me to it :smiley:

If I need to tag titles for an 80-track opera, and every line gets saved individually, this makes the process very slow and cumbersome. Particularly if you save to some network drive that takes its time to react / write. Therefore, I would strongly support the option to batch-save, or even default to batch-save unless you particularly opt to save every change individually.

Not so sure on the second suggestion. If you want to change the entire folder, you should drag the folder. If you just drag one file, it should just add that file. E.G: I do this frequently to correct some spelling error on a specific track.

I think you're not talking about the same feature request :smiley:

For version 1.0 of Mp3tag for Mac, I plan not to introduce any batch-saving features. I'll reevaluate after it's out in the while, but for now it saves on change when editing in the file list and on file selection change or CMD+S when editing via the Tag Panel.

I can see that this would suit your particular use case, but it's counter-intuitive for the standard behavior of a Mac app and I don't plan to add this.

Fair enough :slight_smile:
For "enter" I would find it comfortable to work as I usually work-off all tags one after the other with TAB and then finally would (want) to commit everything with ENTER which then would be a bit faster than using CMD+S or the save button
The "drag one file" I just got used to from another tagger I use (kid3) where it comes in quite handy (all files loaded and the dragged on is highlighted)

Ha! I completely misinterpreted that :joy:

You can use Alt+CMD+Arrow Down to jump to the next file while saving :slight_smile:

Yes, that'll work, but only if I work on individual files of the file list.
If I have all files marked with cmd+a and tag them, then currentl only cmd+s seems to be the fastest to save your entries

Correct. That's the way to go then.