Save Tag Not Working

Hey everyone, I am having trouble with the "Save Tag" option. I want to re-encode all my MP3s in ID3v2.3 and remove ID3v1, APE, etc. tags. I understand that "Save Tag" is supposed to have this functionality, however, when I clicked "Save Tag", it will load for a while then nothing has changed. The tag column still shows ID3v1, APE, etc. I checked my options and all the remove boxes are checked, the ID3v1 and ID3v2 read boxes are checked, and it is set to write in ID3v2.3 UTF 16.

I am able to accomplish what I want by using "Tag Cut" and then "Tag Paste". This removes the unwanted tags such as ID3v1 and APE. However, why does "Save Tag" not function in the same manner?

Thank you for your help, cheers! :slight_smile:

Well, you found the right way. So why bother that a different way does not work.
In general: it has to do with the sequence of tags in a file.
Some tags are at the beginnen of a file, some at the end. SOme overrule others. SO the file structure has to be rearranged. This does not happen, when you simply save a tag. You have to remove all the tags and then rewrite them.
That is why.
Does not really help, does it? You still have to use the functions as they are.

Saving does not also remove the type of tags that are configured to be removed in the options. IMO, this is one of the weaker areas of Mp3tag. It's fairly unintuitive.

You can save yourself a step by setting the options to not remove ID3v2 tags. That way, you don't remove all types tags when you delete and there's no need to paste back again. You can use the big red X button.

Ah I see, thanks for your response. I just wondered if there was an easier way because I have had an experience which made me paranoid of this method. Once I was trying to change the tags for about 3000 songs. However, as soon as I finished cutting the tags, Windows Updater restarted my computer, leaving me with about 3000 mp3 files with no ID3 tags :astonished:

Do you know if there is some sort of macro that automates this process so it cuts and pastes one-by-one instead of a batch?

That shouldn't be necessary if you're not cutting and pasting.

Please see my response above. For what you're doing, you don't have to cut and paste.

Ah, sorry, I skimmed over your post and didn't see it.

Thanks for the tip, it will save me some time :music:

However, what if the tags originally do not have ID3v2 tags? Will that trick work?

It's not exactly a 'trick'. It's how it's designed to work.

Do a Save first. This will write ID3v2 tags if they don't already exist and will convert them to the format of your choice if they do exist. Then do the Delete. Two buttons, right next to each other.

It should save you more than just time, as you've already discovered. If something happens between doing a large cut and then the paste, you can easily lose all of the data on the clipboard.

Thank you very much for your help. You undoubtably have saved me lots of time as well as possible frustration. Cheers!