Saved Configuration Question

I was surprised to find that moving a saved configuration to a fresh install of mp3tag does not configure EVERYTHING in the new installation as it was in the source installation. One feature we never use (and don't like) are the default settings for tag mapping. We always try to make sure we delete those for the kind of work we do. The last thing I want to encounter is a problem caused by tags whose field names have been altered unexpectedly. We want WYSIWYG fieldname/value displays across the entire program.

A new installation of 2.70 received a configuration update from a "master" setup that doesn't include any mapping. Not knowing that I had to check the entire range of customized features lead us to almost apply an action item to nearly 70,000 files. Fortunately I tested it on several dozen files first and found the problem after some searching. Still, it was too close for comfort.

There are other specially configured settings as well that we wish to carry across touto a new installation intended to exactly match the master. Clearly this is not possible with extra and special attention.

So, the question is this: Which features are included in a saved configuration file and which ones are not? Is there an easy way to identify was ISN'T included in the cnfiguration file so that we can create a checklist to manually finish the installaiton of mp3tag.exe on a new machine or at another site?

Dennis, do you speak about the file "", ...
or about the file "mp3tag.cfg", ...
which both are located in the folder ... %appdata%\Mp3tag ?

The zip file contains the file "mp3tag.cfg" and the two subfolders "data" and "export" with action script files and export script files.

The file "mp3tag.cfg" contains Mp3tag settings from the "Tools/Options" dialog, like the file datatypes to be read or the tag field mappings, ... and "format string expressions" from the action and converter dialogs.

I did a transfer by diskette :wink: from one computer to another computer, ...
by copying the file "".

After extracting the zip file for the current user into his target folder ... %appdata%\Mp3tag, ...
the previously fresh installed Mp3tag v2.70 got the same actions/export/settings environment like the source computer.
Also the tag field mappings have been transferred within the mp3tag.cfg file.