Saved Lyrics in Tag field


Great program i’m considering a donation but I have still a glitch in the use of the program..

With the custom added tag ‘UNSYNCEDLYRICS’ I put in a songtext and after saving the file it plays (and shows) the lyric well using WMP11 (Windows XP), but when I open the song on another computer (Vista) with also WMP11 (with exactly the same play settings to show available lyrics) the songtext isn’t showed at all..

The songs reside onto a folder on a Synology NAS harddisk, and the OS languages are the same only one is Windows XP SP2 with WMP11 and the other is Windows Vista Ultimate 32 with WMP11.

‘In a perfect world’ I want to ship the song completely with cover art and songtext to one of my friends to play there completely with the cover art and lyrics, so is it possible to put (embedded) all this info into the mp3 file?

Best regards,