Saving Changes to an mp3 while it's still playing in Media Player

I like to double-click a file to start playing it, while I edit the tag information. If I try and save the changes to the ID tag, then MP3Tag reports an error because the file is currently in use by Media Player.

Is it possible to use the following command automatically to kill the task to release the file?

TaskKill.exe /IM WMPlayer.exe

Is there a way to do this or do I have to manually close Media Player before I can save the file?


Note: By using Taskkill (or even TaskManager) to end any Media Player, it is possible to corrupt the Media file you are currently playing.

From within Mp3tag there is no way to close another program automatically.

Here's a suggestion for the the programmer then.. how about adding a feature/option to MP3Tag that can send a ghost version of the file to MediaPlayer so while it's playing that you can still edit and make changes to the original file?

It's not a Mp3tag problem but the mediaplayers, for example Foobar (I am not 100% sure, maybe someone else can confirm) allows you to edit a Media file (with Mp3tag) while it's playing.

foobar also locks the file.
There are players that let you edit the file but only if the changes are not too big (adding a cover to the tag while playing does not work):
Evil Player, Xmplay, Billy

You could call a bat file from Mp3tag that makes a copy of the file and opens that in your player.

Same here... i use vlc player to preview tracks and itunes as my main library player/orgainiser. The only thing ive noticed is that once you are finished tagging and saving info while the track is still playing in either player, you then have to click the same file in both these apps for the tag info (this does not work for cover art) to register and appear.

Maybe it's alot to ask, but how about incorporating a very simple internal player into mp3tag itself? Doesn't need anything flash, just basic controls... play, pause, rewind etc. Would save heap of headache!

Otherwise, for now, can you whip up a batch file that I could try out? I'm thinking something like:

copy filename.mp3 temp.mp3 /y
wmplayer temp.mp3

Is that right?

Bat file:

copy %1 "%temp%\temp_audio_file%~x1"

start "" /I "path to audio player" "%temp%\temp_audio_file%~x1"

Add bat file to Mp3tag tools with
Parameter: "%_filename_ext%"

Come sup with an error sorry...
Created a batch file called: copyfile.bat, dropped it in the program files (x86)\mp3tag folder.

copy %1 "%temp%\temp_audio_file%~x1"
start "" /I "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe" "%temp%\temp_audio_file%~x1"

When it runs MediaPlayer says something about not supporting the filetype extension. Does Parameter option you specified earlier pass the full filename as well?