Saving Changes To iTunes

Hi. I love mp3tag but I'm having a problem getting all of my changes to transfer to iTunes. It seems that some sessions have been saved but not all of my changes.

I click the save button each time I make a change in a title and assume that would make the change but obviously I'm doing something wrong. Any idea what the problem is and when do the changes in iTunes take effect?

Thanks for your help.

It seems not so easy to make itunes recognize external tag changes.
But what usually works is right click on a file > Get Info
Then use the Previous or Next buttons to reload the info from the other files.

It also works for multiple files:
Select all files that you want to refresh, again right click > Get Info, then just press OK in this window.

No, it's not easy. If you make extensive changes to your library (which is very easy using Mp3tag) then it's quite a lot of work to get iTunes to update all of the changes within its library.

Try using iTunes Library Updater.

That's what I do after using MP3Tag (Select all the files and right click > Get Info and then press OK. You do not have to do anything else other than press OK.). That works fine and updates all the tags, because it makes iTunes (the latest version) reread the tags. It can take quite a while. It all depends on the extent of your changes (and the number of songs you have in your library and the percentage of those that you made changes to), but it works fine (for me).
That's by far the easiest way it seems to me. (You don't need any other programs.)