Saving Configuration when logged in as standard user in Vista

When logged-in as standard user in Vista, any changes made to the configuration is lost after closing the application.

I found a workaround: Open the app with "run as" administrator, make appropriate changes to the config, save the config, unzip to the standard user profile, close and re-open.

Are there plans to change this so it's simpler and also allow standard users to make their own changes without having to contact an administrator?

I searched the latest developement build and don't see anything to that effect.

Finally, this is a great application, small, simple and exactly what I assume a lot of people need. Are there any plans on getting it certified/designed for the Windows Vista logo program as mentioned here?

I've added a new standard user on my Vista test system and the configuration files are stored at %APPDATA%\Mp3tag without problems.

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