Saving in subdirectories

I used Musicbrainz Picard for ages until it somehow stopped working today, so I switched to MP3tag v.2.35.

I have one question though, since I can't find a certain option.

All my music is by albums. I don't get single songs. Now, how I organise my music is this:

Incoming music:

E:\Incoming\ (tagged usually, but not by my standards)

What I want it saved as:

F:\Music\Artist\Album\Tracknumber - Artist - Song.Extension (usually MP3 or MPC)

There's however a ton of options who's differences I don't see.

In options, do I use:

Convert > tag or Convert > Filename or ?

It all seems to be the very same thing?

I tried reading the help files, but if I press the help button I just get:

"Bestand niet gevonden
Firefox kan het bestand op /F:/Program niet vinden."

It seems the help function doesn't allow spaces in it's filename? The full directory would have to be: F:/Program Files/And then the MP3Tag stuff

The problem with the help file is known and fixed in this version:

To move your files to a new location you can use Convert > Tag - filename [ALT+1]
You don't need to go to the options for that.