Saving info to CD sucessfully

Hi Florian and everyone,
I am new to MP3TAG - and a manual worker (retired carpenter) of a generation that did not grow up with (or ever fully get to grips with) tech!
Notetheless, I have managed to get the collumns I need filled in, including the all important (as a hobby singer/songwriter) IRSC codes, publisher/copyright details etc for my songs. But that's as far as I seem able to get with that information successfully.
Can anyone tell me please (in 'tech idiot' proof terms) of a way to get that info embedded onto a CD (better still onto a number of CD's)? and online platforms like iTunes etc. where it's needed these days. I cannot seem to end up with a CD (the firt step for me so I can send it for replication) embedded with that information no matter what I try.
Imagine if you will that you're going to hand cut in the timber for a hipped roof and you need me to advise you how? You probably wouldn't have a clue where to start? I may need to start with the very basics like how to cut a straight line? Now you have an idea where I'm at with tech.
May I say currently this is where I start and what I've been doing:

  1. form a folder with all the tracks (I want on the CD album) in it.
  2. load those tracks into the MP3TAG collumns and add extra collumns for IRCS's etc and fill in that info. It would be extremely usefull if at that point there was a simple 'save as' option I could burn those tracks and their info straigh to CD with. But 'as is', I then try things like dragging them to desctop or other folders which, when right clicked on, do seem to open back in MP3TAG and with the info required still intact. But then, when I open them in say Windows Media Player to burn them to CD, there's no detail shown and worse there's nothing on the CD subsequently burned. Stick it in the blueray player or car player and it's unknown.
    Anyone who's read this far through this message - thanks!
    Anyone with the knowhow and patience to try to help - even more thanks!

You would have to create a data CD.
A genuine audio cd looses most of the information (you can create an audio CD with CD Text but that is not quite the same and you would have to use a special program to extract the files and info from the cd).
Just let your burning program create a data CD where you find all the folders and files just like on your hard disk.

Thanks for getting back to me Ohrenkino, I have a CD saved to play on PC though whether or not it would relay my detail full I don't know as it only shows in the MP3TAG programme - nowhere else to test what's there? And when I play other peoples (pro made) audio CD's on the Blueray player etc, they show simple detail like artist or song name on the TV screen. How do I get mine to do that please?

If MP3tag shows the data, then the data should be embedded in the files.
You have to make sure that the CD that you burnt is actually a data CD.
If you have saved the MP3 files and want to see the tag data with a different PC program, make sure that that program supports the format. E.g. Windows Media Player does not like V2.4 tags.
I cannot say a lot about BluRay players and their abilities.

Thanks again Ohrenkino, is there a better player choice for burning CD's I could download then please? I already have some other players but so far none that I find better or easier to use than WMP.

You can use WMP as player but in this case you should not use it as burning program.
In the WIndows Explorer. select the files that you want to burn on the CD and drag them to the CD drive. You will be asked what to do with these files.
And there you tell windows to create a data CD.

Thanks again for you patience and trying to help.
I don't use Explorer though and know nothing about it, I use Firefox. do you know if that process you're suggessting would work with Firefox?

In his previous post, @ohrenkino referred to Windows Explorer (the Windows file manager) and not Internet Explorer. Firefox can't burn CDs.

You can also use WMP to burn a Data CD. Just open the "Burn" tab and from the small icon on the right choose "Data CD or DVD" in case it's still set to "Audio CD". Then fill the burn list and if everything looks good, you're ready to "Start burn".

This will create a Data CD where the original MP3s including all the metadata you've added are directly stored on the disc. This also means, that only devices that are able to play MP3 data CDs can play those tracks.
The other option is Audio CD, which converts the MP3s back to something called PCM (similar to WAV) and looses the metadata added by Mp3tag during the process. However, some burning apps support "CD Text" which preserves a subset of the metadata.

It's still a long way to land in the iTunes store, though. I have no experience with the process, but CDBaby seems to be a legit service for that.

Thanks Florian,
I really am a tech no-know am I not :-).
I did use CD Baby on my first album, but am trying to eliminate them from the process this time around as there were/are things I'm not entirely sure/happy about with them. Long and complex story I struggle with! But basically, perhaps because they are an American Co., when they do the IRSC registrations that means somehow airplays I got did not feed back to the PRS or PPL here in the UK (like I may have hoped for). Other things too that just were not what I was happy with. They have been going so long they must be a sound company but never worked for me. So I need to somehow get to doing these things myself in future.