Saving OggOpus Tags with an image is super slow

Speed on saving *.opus tags is fine when there's no cover art. But when an image is saved in the tag, the speed on saving tags becomes extremely slow. The bigger the image, the slower the save.

Are you saving those files on a network drive? How big is the cover art?

Thanks for your response.

  1. No network drives. All files are on the local machine.

  2. The largest cover art I've used was about 600kb. The smallest was about 40kb.

In one album I've tested, its 25 seconds with 392kb cover art to make a text change to 12 tracks. Without that album art it takes 2.5 seconds for the same 12 tracks. The bigger the album art, the longer it takes to finish.

Can you maybe send me a private Dropbox link to the files that show this 25s behavior?

I don't have a dropbox, but here's a download link to a test album that shows similar behavior.

Edit @Florian: Thanks, I've removed the download link and will look into it.

Tagging Opus files should be significantly faster with Mp3tag v2.90d.

That is a definitive improvement. Thank You!

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