saving tag to files on a NAS


I have all my MP3 files stored on a QNap NAS box, whenever I try to modify and save the ID3 tag using mp3tag, I get an error which says (filename) cannot be opened for writing.

The only way I can update the ID3 tag is to copy the files to my desktop, edit the tags and then save them back to the NAS.

I'm using MP3tag 2.81 on a windows 10 box

any ideas?

Insufficient access rights,
other program on NAS (or whereever) tries to access the files simultaneously
something like this.

I would not use the data on the NAS for extensive editing anyway as the network speed is by the power ten slower than access to the local hard disk. So I would copy the files, do the editing, copy them back again.

surely if it was insufficient access rights, I wouldn't be able to copy the files to the nas box's the same account.

I'm only making occasional modifications so it's not that big a deal, just an annoyance.

You may want to have a look at this thread from 2008 about a similar setup:


it has to be the QNap box as I can write the tag on WD Mybooklive NAS boxes.

oh well..