Saving Tags To Flac files

Hello mp3tag Community
I can't get to Save Tags to flac files. I only have the "Filename" and want to add the "Title, Artist, Album etc" so I follow the "First Steps" under "Help" and select the Filenames involved and can see all the tags in the left hand box (with an image of the Front Cover). So I click the save box in the top left hand corner and get a popup box with "mp3tag v2.99a" & "Saved tag in 9 of 9 files". I click on OK but when I look at the original files, all I have is the "Filename" with no additional tags added. I have not changed any mp3tag options. What am I doing wrong?

I hope that

is the tag panel.
If you enter data in the tag panel and press Ctrl-S or click the save button, the you save the same data to all the selected files.
So all would get the same TITLE. I don't know if you want to have it like that.

Sorry I'm not with you ohrenkino.
An album has different filenames and almost always the "title" is the same as the "filename". The left hand panel is the tag panel I presume. It has Title, Album, Artist, Year, Track, Genre etc. These are already populated when I select the directory. I presume they are picked up from a database. I don't type anything in anywhere.
So now just taking one filename when I save what is already in the left panel (which is populated with the information above) it doesn't do so. When I look at the filename in windows explorer the tags are empty. Confused indeed.

The filename is not the metadata TITLE - they may look similar but they are definitely different things.
What should happen is that the files list (usually to the right of the tag panel) which shows the files and a number of the tag fields in a table should also show the data that you see in the tag panel (if you select a single file).
Then: the windows explorer is not the best test bed to check tags in flac files. there are some threads in this forum that report that the explorer refuses to show tag fields once one exceeds a certain length. So I would stick to MP3tag and see if the tag fields are filled.
(see e.g. here:

What you could also check: do you only have FLAC tags in your files or also ID3 tags?
The easiest check is to select a single file and then press ATL-T to open the extended tags dialogue. The window title of that dialogue shows the name of the tags. Ideally, it should only show FLAC for flac files. Any ID3V2.3 or so indicates that something has not tagged the files properly.

So, what do you expect to happen after you have pressed Ctrl-S to save the tags? That the filename changes?

Firstly, to clarify a couple of things. I am aware that "Filename" and "Title" are different metadata. What I meant to say is that the value or contents are almost always the same (and if not I edit the file to ensure they are). Secondly I don't expect to change the "Filename" using metadata. That can easily be done using a simple edit. The problem I'm having is that if I take the file shown below for example

You can clearly see that the "Title" and "Album" etc have no data.
But when I use mp3tag you can clearly see the "Title" and "Album" etc as shown below

So I save the information and the file looks exactly like the first image. ie the information was not saved when viewed through windows explorer. I can only surmise that like "ehsu99" I use Windows 10 and for some reason this is not displaying the metadata. Also this only affects a small proportion of filenames. I have thousands of flac files and I would say that less than 10% don't display "Title", "Album" etc. If anyone can shed any more light on this I'd be grateful.

See this post of the already linked thread: