Saving tags

When I add directory and rename tags, how do I get my music folder back on my computer? I notice that after I am done taging and I delete the music files from MP3tag the music is gone on my computer.

That sounds weird.. What exactly do you do in Mp3tag and why do you "delete" the music?

What am I supposed to do with the files left in MP3tag? I want to go to another folder and work, what do I do with old files still in the program? When I try to save, they stay there and are no longer in my original music folder on my computer.

Just add another folder, old files are removed automatically.

Yes but still no music files in my folder.

If you have cleared the list by pressing Ctrl-Delete you have deleted your files. Have a look at the Waste Bin to restore them... Unless you have emptied the Waste Bin as well. Then you have to get the files from your backup that you most certainly have created some time ago.