Saving the last path for covers

I've been working on my MP3 collection with several tens of thousands of files for a few months.

If I want to assign a (new) cover to an MP3 file, the file selection window opens in the music file path.
I switch to the folder with the covers and select the appropriate one there.
Next time I end up back in the music files folder and then I have to navigate back to the cover art folder.

Would it be possible to save the last path here? That would save a lot of time and mouse clicks.

Many greetings

You can configure a default cover art folder via Options β†’ Directories β†’ Cover art directory.

This option specifies a default directory that is displayed when adding cover art. Besides fully-qualified path names, you can provide relative path names and use placeholders.

If no default directory is specified or the directory cannot be opened, Mp3tag opens the directory of the first selected file if it contains cover art or the current working directory in all other cases.


Whoa - great! That's exactly the setting I need. Thanks very much!
(I should familiarize myself more with the settings in the future...)

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