Saving time creating tags

Hell all,
I am relatively new to MP3tag and I love the program although it's time consuming for me. I am interested in some help automating any of my processes listed below:

When I download a song it typically has none of the 4 tags that I put into the song (name, artist, album and album artist. So first i type those 4 tags, copy and paste the cover art and select SAVE. Then I select the enter key which takes me off of the song I was working on to the one below it. I hit escape, go back up one place to get to the song I was just working on, select the ACTIONS button (which erases everything else if it exists in the tag, then I have to hit SAVE again.

Seems like a lot of SAVING and it's quite time consuming if I have multiple songs I have to do. Can i create an ACTION that removes the tag information I don't want and SAVES itself as part of the ACTION?

Can I select multiple songs and enter information into one song in that list like ARTIST that then gets copied to all other songs I selected thus not needing to type the artist 12 separate times?

Sorry if this is confusing, I'm new.


I would say this depends a lot on the source. iTunes, I think, fills almost all of these fields.

You do not tell us where you type in this data. If you use the files list, then the data is saved automatically as soon as you leave a column.
If you use the tag panel then it is advisable to select all files that should get the same data in the files list first, then type in the data in the tag panel, then save the modification. The modifications will be written to all the selected files.

Even though it is possible to hit save again, it is not necessary. Actions immedidately save the result, no extra saving required.

Have a look at the help and the actions, there are 2 to remove fields:


THANK YOU for the info, that helps. Is there away for the cover to save automatically? If i don't save it right away it dissappears.

How do you embed the cover?
There is an action to get a picture from file (which saves automatically),
there is the extended tags dialogue which saves if you close it with OK,
there is the tag panel - and any modifications via the tag panel are saved when you hit the save button (or have set the options differently).

Ok, it appears I have been not using the app correctly. I do all of my tag editing in the main screen on the right and not the tag panel on the left. My covers aren't typically included in what I download so I have to copy and paste them in so the "action" you mention wouldn't work for me as I do not. I did select the save when clicking option in the extended tag dialogue box and that works great! I just tested pasting and clicking on something else and indeed the cover is saved automatically. I just need to input details on the tag panel and not the actual file. THANK YOU! I truly appreciate the help!