Saving to 2 directories?

Hi everyone,

I have all my music in a folder called MYMUSIC on my desktop. I ran the entire collection through MusicBrainz to find tracks that didn't match or were incorrect in some way. It found 1355 out of 14,000. I copied and saved these to a separate folder called UNMATCHED without making any changes whatsoever.

Now running Mp3tag and opened both directories. As I make changes and correct the errors and save them, they only save to the UNMATCHED folder, even though the song I fixed was the same in both.

Is there a way to save my changes to MYMUSIC folder instead?


Save the modifications first in the old place, then use the converter tag-filename and enter as mask the absolute path, e.g.

Use %_filename% if you want to keep the original filename or adapt the filename with a different mask, e.g.
m:\mymusic$num(%track%,3) _ %artist% _ %title%

Perfect!! Thank you!